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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starting the baby Nursery

This is seeming to be a bit more stressful than what I remember it for Jr or Nate. Well with Nate's I remember having a small issue finding the Noah's Arc wall paper boarder, but that was it. This time there's new crib regulations to watch for - not that we had a crib to begin with - but all in the same. Found a fantastic few deals on craigslist for a dresser w/ mirror and a rocker w/ glider. I'm quite excited that they are like new. Only downside - I want the wood darker. So I will be hitting up Home Depot today. Must try to not buy more than just the materials for the job. I love to buy plants.

I plan on finding something that will allow me to stain the wood darker without too much effort. I heard there is products that can be used without a stripper, then sanding, and finally staining. Hopefully someone working there will help this non-painting pregnant person find what I'm looking for. Even more of a hopefully - that the rain holds off. I have everything in the barn, but certainly would prefer doing the work outside on the lawn.

Here's what the bedroom set looks like that I ordered. Granted it only comes with what's on the crib and windows, I'm cool with that. I will buy the mobile to add on and just keep up hopes that the people coming to the baby shower look at the registry and maybe pick another item to finish the full package. I don't ever want to do wall paper boarder again. That was one of the worst DIY jobs I ever did on removing Noah's Arc.

I'm excited also that we picked up the new stroller/car seat travel system. Oh it is lovely. Still in the box, but I got to play with it at the mall to make sure it's what I wanted.
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Yes, I'm trying to do pink, black and white for Chloe. I hope she grows up actually liking those colors.