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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Being a 50's mother & wife

By Fifi Homemaker Cleaver (of Pleasantville). Cause I'm going crazy.

(this is a copy paste from a facebook page I read). Enjoy

Why men should work outside the home full time:

First of all, people should not spend ALL of their time together. Nate and Aria and I have been together 24 hours a day for the last two weeks with the exception of Saturday. The man should go to work every day because otherwise his wife and child will go crazy.

Also, having food on the table and gas in the car makes for far less fights. A certain man I know needs to step up and work more to support his puking pregnant fiance and their growing daughter. :)

Men tend to become irritated faster with children than women do. To avoid tantrums and brat moments... simply go to work.

Why women should be stay at home moms (or only work part time):

The children are less likely to become irritated with mom (notice Nate and Aria fighting like children all day long today).

Also, pregnancy is exhausting and trying to get the motivation to get out of bed in the first trimester is hard enough let alone trying to work through exhaustion, breast pain, back pain, and morning sickness. Would you like vomit on your popcorn? That'll be 50 cents extra.

Mom's can clean the house when they feel like it not when husband (who wouldn't pick up the mess he made with the children earlier in the day when you asked) DEMANDS that you help him clean when you're reading or watching the Disney Channel with your child. Also, women tend to understand the concept of Deep Cleaning better than men do. Men understand picking up clutter, not that the ring around the bathtub is gross.

Men expect their woman to look beautiful for them, even if she's been throwing up all morning and trying to wrangle the kids and clean the house all evening. If a woman stays at home while her significant other is at work, she can make herself look beautiful right before he comes home, when the kids are calm and the house is clean.

Men don't enjoy PBS Kids or the Disney Channel. Women do. It's one of those ingrained mommy things.

Miscellaneous Reasons the 50s Were Better:

Pearls, high heels, and a good sundress make (almost) every woman look beautiful without trying.

Children were allowed to go outside and play while mom cleaned the house. Nowadays you're pretty much evil if you're not doing tummy time and creative play constantly (seriously, you'd think most mothers would stop with this stuff by the time their child turns 9 or 10).

Instead of the Jonas brothers we had the Cleaver brothers.

The cars were cooler!

The music was amazing.

Divorce rates were much lower.

Codeine was available over the counter. (You know, just in case, someone hurts themselves or something... not at all for mom to mix with her cocktail during dinner.)